Monday, March 15, 2010

Making your own misters

You will need rubbing alcohol, a spray bottle, Perfect Pearls, or Pearl Ex, and reinker if you like. You can alsouse water instead of the rubbing alcohol. It depends on how fast you want it to dry. The more rubbing alcohol the faster it dries. You do not need a lot of which ever powder you choose. I use less then half of my pinkie finger tip.

This picture shows Perfect Pearls Forever Violet the top has more sprays and the bottom has one spray. The picture doesn't not show how sparkly it is. The right picture is the same, however I put Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Slate. Again the top has more sprays then the bottom. You can see the difference in that the paper on the left stayed white, and the right has more color. I could make it darker or light by adding less or more ink.

This picture is showing Pearl Ex True Blue (left), and Pearl Ex Flamingo Pink on the right. Again, the top has one spray and the bottom has more.
Using different powders and inks will give it different effects as well as how much alcohol and water you use. Also the color of paper you use also effects the end out come.


Lori Apgar said...

Thank you so much for the detailed instructions!! I was asked to do a demo about this at Michaels.

Your blog is very nice!!

flowerdisco said...

I like how you explained it so well. I haven't try it yet but it sure looks easy. thanks for the tips too.