Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Using Film and Fiber with the Cuttlebug

To the left is Film. There are a couple different kinds, however I went with Angelina Film because I found a great site with good prices, and fast shipping. Its to good to go with a variety of colors, because once you pair it with the fibers you can achieve many different looks.

This is the fiber, its not the typical fiber you would think of. This fiber and film are heat bondable. What I mean by this is with heat these materials will become one. My process is to get two pieces of film and place a little bit of fiber between the two sheets.

Once I do that I place those pieces between two sheets of paper. I usually just grab some paper from my printer. I then place a iron with a low setting on top of the sheets of paper for a couple seconds. I then check to see if it is bonded if not then I re-do if for a couple more seconds. I almost always have to trim the fibers that did not stay in between the sheets of film, but that's OK.

I figured out which Cuttlebug folders I wanted to use and passed through it, with the die cut I did have to use a piece of card stock as a shim. For the A2 size used Angelina film color Crystal Amethyst and Angelina Fiber Red Wing Flash. For the butterfly I used the same film but with Angelina Fiber Desert sunset sparkle. Its hard to show in picture form how these fibers look, however they are very fine and have a sparkle to it.
I took this picture in low light trying to get the best picture I could. It was taken on top of both black and white card stock to show the different out comes just a piece of paper behind it can give it way different out comes. With the black paper you see more of the red and pink, and with the white it shows more of the yellow. You can also see with the butterfly that making these can give a great 3D effect to any project.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gypsy Simple Box

I just created a box using only Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings. Well it took many hours to get the welding right and many trial and errors.

This was a product of a Gypsy File Swap which had to use only the Gypsy Carts and having a spring theme. I used a StampIn Up rolling stamp with Versa Mark and White Embossing power to embellish the box. Once the swap is complete I will then post more details.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Cricut Expressions Dust Cover

On the Gypsy Message Board the ladies came up with the challenge to use Kerning. I thought long and hard about how to do this, so I went serching for inspiration. I came across a thread about a templete that Custom Crops has on their website to make your own dust covers. I have been wanting one so bad, but I thought $25 was to much (this is the amount I have been seeing all over the place). I could do it myself once I felt motivated enough to actually do it.

With a template it was what I needed to motivate me. I love the colors, Red, White and Black, which matches most of my craft storage and boxes. I have also been waiting for the perfect time to use my Sentimentals Cart. I just love the key!!! So I thought about how can I use the key and make a saying to put on my dust cover, and it just came to me. The key and lock are both fabric which were cut after adhering it to HeatN Bond. The letters were painted on (they are a font from the Storybook Cart). I used my Gypsy to Kern the letters. the first row is at .02, the second is at .04, and the third is at .08. I used the paper as a stencil and then painted with white fabric paint. The dark red, and white dots are actually rhinestones. I never think a project is done until something shine is on it!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Your Own Dew Drops.

Ok, I am always trying to save money on my craft supplies. So I came across people using "Skittles,"I thought what in the world are these, and do I need these to? So of course, once I discovered what they were, "I needed them!" Ok maybe WANT would be a better word. Then I did more research into cost. I could not believe the prices I saw, and every one pretty much said they were made using Tom Holtz Alcohol Inks. I have have those, so what else did I need to make my own???? I went to Micheal's and found a bag of acrylic Dew Drops and this is how I made my own!
Supplies: Dew Drops (located in the floral section of most stores; baggie, Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks; something to dry them on (they will stain so I use wax paper).
Place the amount you want in baggie (I used 100). Select the color or blend of colors you may want.

I put about 10 drops into the baggie. You can put more or less depending on how light or dark you want them.
After mixing it all in the bag making sure that all of them are coated you can let them dry on what ever you have selected to dry them on (i.e. wax paper)

These are the end product of me trying to save money. The first picture with all the clear Dew Drops is the amount left after I already made these (600). The container is a container I bought at Target in the Dollar Bin.
I hope you liked my little experiment, and I hope it helps you save money to!