Monday, April 5, 2010

Making Your Own Dew Drops.

Ok, I am always trying to save money on my craft supplies. So I came across people using "Skittles,"I thought what in the world are these, and do I need these to? So of course, once I discovered what they were, "I needed them!" Ok maybe WANT would be a better word. Then I did more research into cost. I could not believe the prices I saw, and every one pretty much said they were made using Tom Holtz Alcohol Inks. I have have those, so what else did I need to make my own???? I went to Micheal's and found a bag of acrylic Dew Drops and this is how I made my own!
Supplies: Dew Drops (located in the floral section of most stores; baggie, Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks; something to dry them on (they will stain so I use wax paper).
Place the amount you want in baggie (I used 100). Select the color or blend of colors you may want.

I put about 10 drops into the baggie. You can put more or less depending on how light or dark you want them.
After mixing it all in the bag making sure that all of them are coated you can let them dry on what ever you have selected to dry them on (i.e. wax paper)

These are the end product of me trying to save money. The first picture with all the clear Dew Drops is the amount left after I already made these (600). The container is a container I bought at Target in the Dollar Bin.
I hope you liked my little experiment, and I hope it helps you save money to!


Mrs. Green said...

Wow! I always just used Sharpies to color the bottoms of mine. This looks way easier and faster to do a whole bunch at once! Thanks!

(greengirl on cricut mb)

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