Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great American Scrapbook Convention

I have been waiting for months and FINALLY, I was able to go! I had fun, and spent way to much. But, it was a one day thing so I will recover.... one day, lol. OK, so there were so many great things, and so many product demos that I had to bypass do to the limited amount of time I had there. By far my favorite booth was the Tim Holtz booth, it wasn't named that but it was his. The Second had to be Tattered Angels, I always thought it was over rated until I actually saw them in person. I had so many ideas of projects that I can do with the products I got from these to places so maybe I can actually sit down and do some with my kids out of school for the Summer. Enough of me rambling here are a couple pictures I have to share. One of Tim Holtz doing his demo, and the other my haul of the day

There were a couple of things I wish I would have gotten, but I think I did a good job of getting only the things I know I couldn't find in a store near me. But I know I will now be looking for some of those things online and getting them a little at a time.

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flowerdisco said...

Nice haul! glad you enjoyed your day!